Friday, October 25, 2013


1. Update. Both DRB-Hicom and Konsortium Logistik are suspended this morning for whole day on Friday 25-Oct-2013. Note that DRB-Hicom last price is RM2.46 and Konsortium is RM1.51.
2. Takeover soon? Looking at the coincidence that the two are suspended on the same day, it is possible that DRB-Hicom could be taking over Konsortium Logistik.
3. Related to Budget 2014? Surprisingly, today is also the budget day. Given that DRB-Hicom is somehow Government linked, we may see this deal is somehow related to Budget 2014. I could not find the reasons at this juncture, but it could be another petrol price increase.... But to sooth things out, bus ticket prices to be reduced? Anyway, this is still too preliminary, wait for the Budget to see what happen.

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